Do you need a website?

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Do you need a website?

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It's important to add commas between keywords

by on 06-11-2017 12:13PM in How to post an ad or listing on

Please enter keywords and meta keywords when you are placing your ad(s) on When entering keywords for your ad, don't forget to add commas ( , ) between each keyword or key phrases - placing commas is a must. If you haven't added commas between your keywords, I suggest you login to your account and edit your ad.

As a rule of thumb, test to determine if your recently placed ad displays as a search result by doing a Search in the search section of

Do a search by entering (typing) a keyword or keywords in the 'Find' box and entering the city of your business in the 'Location' box. If you have entered your ad correctly, your ad should be displayed on the search results page.

I hope to make a video to explain this, if needed. And if I do, I'll post it on Youtube.


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Marvin Window Replacement Company Bloomington MN

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The roof of any home in Minneapolis, no matter how robust it is, will in the long run begin to depreciate. The depreciation of a roof can be caused by many different factors such as aging, wind damage, snow and hail storms. If you spot any signs of roof damage, you should not ignore them – contact Minneapolis roofers so that the repair work can be done immediately. Do not hesitate because of the cost – once the re-roofing is complete, you’ll not have to bother about any roofing problems for many years.

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How to post an ad or listing on

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Steps to posting an ad / listing on

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Santo Domingo car limo service

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We are a taxi cab company located in Corona, Queens, providing the community with the best service all the time!Anytime you contact Santo Domingo Car service we are here to provide you with what you deserve, respect, arrival to destination on a timely manner, and comfort.

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