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Posting a free ad

by on 06-29-2020 10:09AM in How to post an ad on

Monday, June 29th, 2020.

To potential advertisers,

It is presently free to post an ad / listing on (business directory).

If someone else has posted your listing on your behalf or without your consent and you wish to take control of your listing, simply email us.
Email us using an email associated with website. For example, if you own the business at: then email us using something like:

We will then delete the listing / ad associated with your business or non-profit and you can register, login and enter your listing. By doing this you will have the username and password to your account at

Stay safe and healthy,


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Top Tips on Online Reputation Management for 2019

by AyudhDigital on 01-31-2019 09:08AM in How to post an ad on

Thus, these are some of the top tips to online reputation management for 2019

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It's important to add commas between keywords

by on 06-11-2017 12:13PM in How to post an ad on

Please enter keywords and meta keywords when you are placing your ad(s) on When entering keywords for your ad, don't forget to add commas ( , ) between each keyword or key phrases - placing commas is a must. If you haven't added commas between your keywords, I suggest you login to your account and edit your ad.

As a rule of thumb, test to determine if your recently placed ad displays as a search result by doing a Search in the search section of

Do a search by entering (typing) a keyword or keywords in the 'Find' box and entering the city of your business in the 'Location' box. If you have entered your ad correctly, your ad should be displayed on the search results page.

I hope to make a video to explain this, if needed. And if I do, I'll post it on Youtube.


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How to post an ad or listing on

by on 05-14-2017 10:06AM in How to post an ad on

Steps to posting an ad / listing on

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