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Enviro Safe Pest Control Perth

Effects of insecticides and pesticides

While treating your house to get rid of ants and other insects which are growing in large numbers indoors and ruining the food, furniture, and any other thing on which they roam. Some ants can contaminate your food, and others can eat out your wooden furniture, some ants release a wretched odor when crushed; ants sometimes live below sinks or in other moist areas like near bathrooms. Some ants love sweet products and others meat products. There are many types of ants that roam around everywhere looking for food or a place to build their colony.

The professional treatment agencies similar to Ants Control Services Perth use a range of insecticides and pesticides to either kill them or make them go away from your house. It is important that you know about the harmful effects of these ants before calling for help to remove them from the infested area.

Effects on Health:

When a person is exposed to a pesticide or insecticide these symptoms and diseases can occur:

  • Eyes, nose, throat- in these sensitive areas there is irritation making you uncomfortable and itchy.
  • Further exposure to these chemicals can cause harm body’s nervous system and other body parts like kidneys, liver etc.
  • The most deadly effect of the exposure can be the risk of developing cancer inside the body.
  • If your skin is exposed to these chemicals, you can feel irritability and development of rashes and red skin.

Special care has to be taken when kids and pets are there in your house if you go for pest treatment because kids at a tender age are more vulnerable to these chemicals and if exposed they should be taken to the emergency as soon as possible.

It is always advised in these matters that you should not use these chemicals without guidance and on your own; rather you should take the help of experts in these areas who can treat the infestation with authorized insecticides and as per the norms set by the State. The Ants Treatment Perth excel in ant treatment in Perth, therefore you can call them for help. Professional consultants will treat this menace in such a manner which will not harm your kids, pets, walls or any other thing in your house.

The walls of your house or office are also vulnerable to such toxic elements and they can deteriorate if exposed to them in larger amounts. The wall furnishing will be damaged when exposed to insecticides and pesticides, moreover, your indoor and outdoor plants cannot handle such high levels of toxicity used to treat these infestations. They will die as soon as they come in contact with these chemicals. Using them by yourself will pose a grave risk for you and your family, therefore you can always call the Ants Control Services of your area to check the level of infestation and treat your house efficiently to give you a pest free home safe and secure for the future. 


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