How to post an ad or listing on

Updated:  Monday, May 15, 2017, Vancouver, Canada  7:00 pm PST 

Steps on how to post an ad / listing on

1. Visit:

2. Click the "Advertise" link, it is found on left column on's homepage.

3. You will be taken to the 'Account Registration' page. Fill in the details as required and then click 'Submit.'

4. Now login to your email account that you used to register your account with.   If you do not see the activation email from that was sent, please check your  Spam folder.  If it is in your Spam folder, please identify it as 'non-Spam' or further emails from will end up there.  When you identify's email as 'non-spam' it should now appear in your 'Inbox.'

5. Find's email in your 'Inbox', open it, and then click the 'activation link."  You'll then be take to

6. Login to using the your login details and proceed to enter your ad / listing details. 

7.  Your ad / listing is immediately online once you have completed your ad / listing submission.  If there are no issues, your ad / listing will be made 'active', however, if we decide that your ad / listing is inappropriate or you have abused privileges by posting too many ads / listings, it will be deleted.


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