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Apple has released beta version of ios 11 for mainly developer. This version is not bug free. It is on testing mode. The full version for all user will release in september 2017.
Now many people asking that can i update my device to ios 11.
Then here is the list of apple iphone ipad and ipod devices which can upgrade to ios 11.
So iphone 5s and all iphone realsed after this can be updated. In ipad ipad pro, ipad air, ipad air2 and ipad mini2, mini3 mini4 can be upgraded to 11.
In ipod only ipod touch 6th generated upgraded to 11.
For more iphone ipod tips tricks .

So only 64 bit supported devices can upgraded to 11. If you have other apple device not listed above then use can not use ios 11.

Now how to recover whatsapp chats if you have not selected saving chat history.

It is said that if you uninstall whatsapp and then reinstall it then it recover chat history of less then 7 days.

Source :- http://ipodtips-tricks.blogspot.com/

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