The Top SEO Company in India Provides On-Page Optimization

by on 10-11-2018 in News from advertisers

The Top SEO Company in India Provides On-Page Optimization

Proper optimization of the category pages in the ecommerce site is the priority with the Top SEO Company In India. This involves the use of targeted keywords in friendly and readable URLs. The placement of primary keyword is a simple thing to do and this improves the search rankings. Google prefers easier, shorter URLs so an additional word might have some negative influence on SEO. You also have to use the keywords in the title tag. This should be present near the beginning. In the body copy, the use of the targeted keyword might prove to be a bit tricky.

Often the category pages would get to products straight minus any introduction. Google does not like this. Ideally, one should have minimum introduction of 300 words where the keyword is present 2-3 times minimum. Stuffing of the keywords is the worst thing to do. It should look and flow naturally. Proper keyword use is also necessary in the alt image text. Google cannot read images and it relies on the alt text for identification. It also gives another spot for the inclusion of on-page keyword. The chances of finding a high place in the search engine rankings in the image results become possible now.

Keyword use in metadata is a common tactic by the Top SEO Company In India for category page optimization in the ecommerce sites. This might not have a direct impact on the site ranking but improve the click-through rate. This in turn would improve the rankings. Through the inclusion of the main keyword within metadata, you allow Google to bold this in search results.

The on-page optimization for the product pages in the ecommerce site has mostly the same requirements. The difference lies in the fact that it does not require banner image and you are better off by writing 1000 words of content. This is necessary because the top ranking search engine pages tend to have long-form content, 2,000 words minimum. The search engine might work as research tool so with pages having much information, they consider it having more chances of having the right answer for the searchers.

The experts at top SEO Company in India though recommend 1000 words as the standard because maintaining the standards with 2000 words might prove to be difficult. Also, the product reviews tend to fulfil the lack of that 1000 words. The product reviews are good SEO boosters and this increases the conversion rates as well.

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