HKDSE世界歷史(History)補習 HKDSE世界歷史(History)補習 HKDSE歷史免費資源 CUHK History 三屆(2014、2018、2019)DSE歷史5** 6年補習經驗 19DSE 46.7%奪取5或以上 補習: 9683 5234 (CheHistory)

HKDSE World History (History) Tutoring HKDSE World History (History) Tutoring HKDSE History Free Resources CUHK History Three sessions (2014, 2018, 2019) DSE History 5** 6 years of tutoring experience 19DSE 46.7% winning 5 or above tutoring: 9683 5234 ( CheHistory)

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