Super Carpet Cleaners Updated

103 Burlington St
Ashton-under-Lyne, ‎Greater Manchester OL6 7HJ United Kingdom


At Super Carpet Cleaners in Ashton-under-Lyne, the company has a multi-step method for cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery like a couch, chair or sofa.

Care for the centre of your living room oasis for years of unsullied lounging. You will need A vacuum with an upholstery attachment... A soft dust cloth... Dish soap.



Opening Hours

Mon 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Tue 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Wed 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Thu 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Fri 08:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Sat 08:00 AM - 06:30 PM
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