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 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-30-2019 07:01AM

By: CharlesCaleb35

It’s the second time that I move with this company and this time I used their storage service which price was pretty fair. They took their time to move everything preventing the items to get damaged. Movers were kind and respectful, they packed and wrapped everything with the materials they brought. I did not have any damages not even at the storage place. I don’t have any complaints at all I'd say I’m satisfied.

 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-27-2019 08:12AM

By: CarsonEvan124

I contracted these guys due to the reviews that I’ve seen online. When I contacted them they sent me the quote quickly, and they really offered a good price since they did all the work and my move was not an easy one. Their insurance included the transportation costs and even the cost of boxes, dressers etc. They were right on time and movers were respectful and careful with my stuff, I’m pleased with their service.

 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-26-2019 07:16AM

By: MicahVincent34

I moved with this company and they were fast, nice and cheap. Their service was excellent all the time, I will use them again without a doubt and if someone has to move I recommend them, they are great! I received status of my stuff every day and everything was made on schedule, pretty responsible company.

 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-23-2019 07:30AM

By: AlexBrody234

I received a very good service from these guys last week, they were responsible and efficient since the beginning, they have excellent trucks and tools for disassembling furniture and insurance is one of the best. I did not have time to pack and wrap things up due to my job, but they did it for me since I had the option to include it in my quote. One day after the move they contacted me to arrange last details. They showed up on time and the move went better that expected, despite I was living in a 6th floor they moved all without disturbing my neighbors, I really appreciate their service.

 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-20-2019 07:53AM

By: JesseMatteo345

I hired this company to move from my old hose to an apartment and they treated me right. After having multiple moving experiences with several different companies I can assure that this is one of the best that I’ve known, not only because of their low prices but also for their great job and care for my belongings, the time they take to finish the job and the great packing materials they use, I will definitely use them in future opportunity.

 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-19-2019 09:31AM

By: PaxtonJudah123

I moved last week with this company for two reasons. The first one is my parents moved several times during their entire life and always contracted them and every time they were pleased with the service. The second one is that I they take great care of all the things, they make a great job with packaging and wrapping. I have no complaints for this company and would like to recommend it.

 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-17-2019 07:16AM

By: rayoastrid514

They paid a visit to us and send us the quote for free. The salesman explained to us the details of the service. We accepted the quote and made the decision to move with them. They were organized, punctual and everything ran very good. They did the whole packing job, and all our stuff got no damage during the loading process. They were also quick when unloading we were impressed about their great skills and commitment.

 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-16-2019 08:40AM

By: MaximilianoAnderson123

I’ve always moved with these guys and they’ve always had very good performance. They packed everything for me and I did not have to do anything at all, they also had special care when loading and unloading my furniture. The movers showed hard work all the time, besides their leader was controlling his employees and making sure everything ran smoothly. At the end he called me to know if I was satisfied with the service. Anyone who uses this company will have a great move.

 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-13-2019 08:15AM

By: SethJeffrey436

Outstanding service, they are honest, quick and efficient, I will hire them again for future moves.

 WESTERN VAN LINES, 12-12-2019 07:53AM

By: CruzHendrix252

I can only write positive comments, I looked for speed and effectiveness and I found it in this company. First thing I saw was their age which is more than 10 years in business, other companies were too young and I did not trust them since they did not included insurance among other things. Movers were so kind and nice to me and careful with my belongings and at point of destination they placed everything where I told them which made it much easier for me to unpack, I would recommend this company to anyone needing to move.

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