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With Insight Therapy LLC in Champaign, Illinois, you may get the best online therapy and mental health counseling from our experts, who are specialized in relationship counseling, couples counseling, marriage counseling, eating disorder counseling, school anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder therapist, substance abuse, depression, grief counseling, academic difficulties, trauma, self-harm, teenage difficulties and many more.


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Comprehensive Review of Insight Therapy LLC: A Beacon of Mental Wellness by Jon Fink

19 days ago

Insight Therapy LLC stands as a beacon of mental wellness, offering a diverse range of therapeutic services designed to guide individuals towards personal growth and emotional resilience. With a commitment to excellence and a compassionate approach, Insight Therapy LLC has carved a notable niche in the realm of mental health services. This review aims to delve into the essence of their offerings, customer experiences, and overall impact on the community.

Customer Services


Products Quality

Positive Experience with Insight Therapy LLC by Lucas Jones

1 month ago

The therapists were not only knowledgeable about evidence-based therapeutic approaches but also tailored their methods to suit individual needs. The personalized approach created a supportive environment that facilitated open and constructive dialogue.

Customer Services


Products Quality

Champaign Counseling Services by Dave Smith

2 months ago

The therapists at Insight Therapy exhibited a high level of expertise and a genuine commitment to their clients. The quality of service I received was outstanding and I felt that my concerns were thoroughly addressed.

Customer Services


Products Quality

Eating Disorder Therapy by Emma Lewis

3 months ago

My experience with Insight Therapy has resulted in positive outcomes that extend beyond the Eating Disorder Therapy room. The tools and insights gained have empowered me to navigate life's challenges with resilience and a newfound sense of self-awareness.

Customer Services


Products Quality

Champaign Counseling Services by Emma Lewis

3 months ago

Insight Therapy LLC has been instrumental in my personal growth and healing journey. The dedication and professionalism of the therapists, the welcoming atmosphere, and their commitment to ethical care have made a significant impact on my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Insight Therapy LLC to anyone seeking couple therapy services.

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