Read first - for businesses without a physical address, etc

Updated: January 10th, 2024.  re:  Spam Alert

The following message is SPAM, refer below:

Message Content: Hello dear I hope this message will reach you in good time, however I duly apologize for infringing on your privacy. I am lawyer _____________from the Republic of Togo. I am very sorry for violating your privacy.I have an urgent matter to discuss with you. please contact me through my email _________________ or telephone number ___________

- end




Updated:  July 30th, 2022 (Tip on search was added, refer to "For uers / searchers" found on the last paragraph.)

* How to get listed?  On the home page click "Sign In" or "Order Now" and you'll be taken to a new page.  On this page click, "Sign Up" and follow the simple directions.

1.    After registering you should be receiving an account verification email from us.  If you do not get it, check your 'Junk' or 'Spam' mail folder.  Accounts not verified after 7 days will be deleted and you'll to re-reigster. Note:  Look in your Junk or Spam folder for the 'Account Verification' email.

2.     When placing your listing, if you don’t have a physical Location, choose:  Virtual from the Location drop-down menu.

3.     Our Search Bar uses keywords you have entered for:  Title, Summary or Description.  For example if you do not have the word:  dentist   in your listing’s Title, Summary or Description and you enter:  dentist in our Search Bar, your listing will not display in the results. 

A simple solution to the issue above is to include this last paragraph in your “Description” section:  

Keywords:  dentist, dental, dentistry, emergency

4.     Ignore: Event, Classifieds, Properties, Jobs, Deals, and Articles, found in the left column once you have logged into your account.  These features are not part of your plan, they are experimental and do not function. 

5.     We do not sell or share your personal information unless required by law.

6.     When in doubt as to whether an email is from us,, use the Contact Us page found in our homepage’s header section to confirm.

7.     We had added a new feature - the ability to submit one (1) article with your listing. This is just a test phase, therefore, we may or may not keep this feature after our testing phase.  Submitting article may help with a backlink to your site.

8.     We have added Stripe payment.  We now offer two payment choices:  PayPal and Stripe. 

Place your paid listing today!  

For users / searchers. 

Use the default: "Search All Categories", found in the search bar, will search listings in all categories but choose don't forget to enter your keyword(s) and select your location. 

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